Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q1:where can I buy?
A1:Contact your nearest Daishin distributor, dealer, or authorized representative.Or please contact us then you will receive a contact from your nearest.
Q2:What kind of appliances will be usable for iGen. as a power resouce?
A2: ・Air conditioners ・Electric motor pumps  ・Welding machines ・Grinders ・Microwave ovens・High-speed cutters(Cut-saws)  ・Desk top PCs ・Note PCs ・Halogen lamps
Q3:What is iGen.’s unique features comparing with conventional AVR/Condenser generators?
A3:Please refer to our video presentaiton.The most significant iGen’s features are
1) unlimited parallel connection and  2) Inrush current control.
Q4:What is the basic maintenance points for iGen. generators?
A4:Please read carefully our maintenance & instruction manual, and follow to the instruction.
Q5:What is the manufacturer’s warranty policy?
A5:Please refer to the maintenance & instruction manual.
Q6:What is the after sales support, especially spare parts supply network?
A6:Contact your nearest Daishin , dealer, or authorized representative.
Q7:My unit does not work.
A7:Contact your nearest Daishin distributor, dealer, or authorized representative.
then we will study the case.Also please try to inform the detail such as model name and serial numbers, spare parts codes, etc.If the information is limited or unclear, it will be out of warranty/guarantee andexpense will be charged to you.
Q8:What is the after sales support, especially workshop, traininning?
A8:Daishin will organize after sales network through our distributors, dealer and authorized representative.Contact your nearest distributor, dealer, or authorized representative.Please refer to the maintenance Manual for the responsibility of maintenance by user.